A modern-day explorer. Your love runs deep for steep canyons. Wide open spaces and starry nights..
稅前: HK$458.0
美國|Dogeared pearls of success small white pearl necklace 成功之小珍珠。玫瑰金項鏈 New -10%
16吋純銀鍍玫瑰金項鏈5.5-6mm天然淡水饅頭形珍珠天然珍珠,每顆形狀、大小、紋路皆不同配pearls of success文字卡片made in USA..
HK$438.0 HK$395.0
稅前: HK$395.0
美國|Dogeared pearls of beauty small white pearl necklace 美麗之小珍珠。玫瑰金項鏈 New -10% SOLD OUT
16吋純銀鍍玫瑰金項鏈5.5-6mm天然淡水饅頭形珍珠天然珍珠,每顆形狀、大小、紋路皆不同配pearls of beauty文字卡片made in USA..
HK$438.0 HK$395.0
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稅前: HK$168.0
稅前: HK$168.0
This is Make a Wish. Go ahead, try it… it works like a charm! Every necklace has distinct personal..
HK$458.0 HK$320.0
稅前: HK$320.0
·  16" 吋純銀項鏈·  純銀刻紋平衡吊墜·  配balance文字卡片 ..
HK$718.0 HK$359.0
稅前: HK$359.0
·  18吋純銀項鏈·  2.25吋Y字吊墜鏈·  9mm純銀十字吊墜·  配faith文字卡片 ..
HK$698.0 HK$349.0
稅前: HK$349.0
·  16吋純銀鍍14k金項鏈·  純銀鍍14k金十字架吊墜·  配spiritual wisdom文字卡片 ..
HK$578.0 HK$289.0
稅前: HK$289.0
·  純銀/純銀鍍14k金哥特十字架吊墜·  16吋絲綫項鏈·  配grateful heart文字卡片 ..
HK$258.0 HK$129.0
稅前: HK$129.0
美國|Dogeared happy lunar new year bracelet 新年快樂。手繩 New -24%
This lunar new year is the year of the Earth Dog, which means the prefect time to make dramatic li..
HK$238.0 HK$180.0
稅前: HK$180.0
美國|Dogeared infinite love necklace, gold 無限愛。項鏈(金色) New -25%
Love, love, love… you can never have enough of it! Keep your connection close, share heartfelt sen..
HK$598.0 HK$450.0
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Celebrate the season in original Karma with a new twist. Shine bright with this beaded chain that ..
HK$458.0 HK$320.0
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Our bestselling Karma Collection has always been about grace and good energy. Now it positively..
HK$578.0 HK$300.0
稅前: HK$300.0
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