美國 | Dogeared pearls of love small white pearl necklace 愛之小珍珠。項鏈

It's time you knew... you can buy love. On a chain, even! This dainty little beauty will charm and..

HK$358.0 HK$340.0 稅前: HK$340.0

美國 | Dogeared maid of honor small pearl necklace

I could never say ‘I Do’ without you! You are incredible, and the best of Maid of Honor. Dogeared..

HK$358.0 HK$340.0 稅前: HK$340.0

美國 | Dogeared the circle necklace 小圓豆。項鏈

Circles have been a powerful symbol of success, rebirth, and creation for ages. Our circle necklac..

HK$478.0 HK$382.0 稅前: HK$382.0

美國 | Dogeared the original karma necklace 圓滿。項鏈

One of our best selling and most loved pieces, our karma necklace is a simple reminder to keep you..

HK$498.0 HK$398.0 稅前: HK$398.0